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Waltt Products : Your One-Stop Shop for Branded Impact, Elevate Your Brand with Premium Promotional Products


Welcome to Hangzhou Waltt, a leading manufacturer and exporter of high-quality promotional gifts in Hangzhou, China. We specialize in crafting unique, custom merchandise to seamlessly align with your promotional needs. Whether it’s company giveaways, customer appreciation programs, or grand marketing campaigns, we’ve got you covered.


Extensive Product Selection & Customization

We offer a vast array of promotional items to suit your every need, including:

Car Souvenirs: Keychains, emblems, stickers, and accessories to boost brand visibility.

Customizable Keychains: Personalized keychains featuring your logo or message for a lasting impression.

Practical Items: Lanyards, badges, name tags, whistles, and more for everyday use.

Custom Metal Products: Enhance your brand image with:

Custom Metal Labels: High-quality, durable labels for equipment, signage, or product branding.

Custom Metal Tags: Premium metal tags for identification or branding.

Custom Metal Logos: Distinctive and long-lasting metal logos to elevate your brand identity.

Custom Laser Cut Metal Logo Signs: Precisely cut metal signs featuring your logo for a professional and modern look.


Comprehensive Services to Ensure Your Success

We go beyond products, offering services to achieve your promotional goals:


Laser Engraving: Personalize your gifts, including custom metal items, for a polished look.

Wholesale Customization: Tailor materials, shapes, and colors to perfectly match your brand identity, including all custom metal options.

International Trade Expertise: Our experienced team facilitates a smooth and efficient process for international orders.


Partner with Waltt Products for Impactful Branding

Create unique and memorable promotional items that effectively promote your brand.  Contact us today to discuss your specific requirements and elevate your brand with Waltt Products!

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