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Car Air Freshener Clips: Keep Your Car Stylish and Fresh

A fresh and clean car interior is something that every driver wants. However, in hot summer or cold winter, the air in the car is easily polluted and even produces unpleasant odor. At this time, a car air freshener clip can come in handy.

A car air freshener clip is a fragrance device installed on the air conditioning outlet. It consists of an air freshener core and a clip. The air freshener core contains various essential oils, and the clip can be fixed on the air conditioning outlet. When the air conditioning is turned on, the air will pass through the air freshener core, thus diffusing the fragrance.

The advantages of car air freshener clips are:

  • Easy to install, just fix the clip on the air conditioning outlet.
  • Long service life, the air freshener core can be replaced.
  • Long-lasting fragrance, can keep the car interior fresh for a long time.

Car air freshener clips can be customized according to different needs. For example, they can be designed according to the color and interior style of the car, or they can be customized with a personalized logo. In addition, car air freshener clips can also be used as advertising promotional gifts to promote corporate culture.

Car air freshener clips are available in four different fragrances:

  • Ocean: A fresh and natural fragrance that can remove unpleasant odor in the car.
  • Cologne: A refreshing and elegant fragrance that can refresh and invigorate.
  • Lemon: A sweet and sour fragrance that can invigorate the spirit.
  • Jasmine: A romantic and sweet fragrance that can create a warm atmosphere.

If you want to keep your car stylish and fresh, then car air freshener clips are a good choice.

Additional information:

Car air freshener clips are available in a variety of shapes and colors to suit your individual style. You can also choose between PE and silica gel materials. PE is a more affordable option, while silica gel is more durable and can last longer.

The color of the scent pad corresponds to the fragrance. The ocean scent pad is blue, the cologne scent pad is pink, the lemon scent pad is light yellow, and the jasmine scent pad is white.。

Applicable air outlet types
Horizontal and vertical fan blades, regular round fan blades that can be matched to vehicle air vents.

Car Air Freshener Clips Pictures:

Diatomaceous earth eco-friendly fragrance,Four different scents available