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What type of keychain can be choosed

We can choose keychain from different types.

For usuage: promotion and non-promition,  souvenir or gifts, Gifts can for girl, for boy, for mother’s Day or Farther’s day, for Valentine’s Day or for wedding, for one concert or one sports meet,for FIFA or for Olympic Games, For car fans or for sports fans, for special sports, football, table tennis, basket ball etc.

For material: Metal or non-metal, metal we can choose stainless steel, zinc alloy, iron, brass and aluminum. Zinc alloy is the most popular for a keychain because we can make it in different shape and cost is not too high. New moulding charge is lower comparing to other material. Brass , aluminum, iron and stainless steel are limiation for the shape. Normally we use them for line cutting or CNC machine proceeding, the quality and surface looks good, but cost is also a little high. It is not good for 3D cutomer shape.

Comparing metal, plastic is another choice. It was recommened for big order quantity and need multi color choice. Anyshape can be done and it is very light, so the cost is also not high. But it is not friendly for low order quantity because of high mould charge. Anyway, cheap and colorful is the main advantage of the plastic keychain.

Some keychain can made by other material like fabric, resin , glass and high value metal.

For shape: we can choose normal shape like squere, rectangle, triangle, heart, start, circle, and annule. Or cube, corn, Or shape similar to the true things like plane, ship, car, ball,or animal tiger, horse, cat, dog, camel, person’s movement: eat 、swim 、run 、carry、catch、climb、swing、walk、wave, anything you can image.

For function: some keychain can be made with special function like true products. Some simple style can be spining or swing. We can also make keychain as customs like.