08/23/2022 By Waltt Off

What is the Spinning Turbo Keychains?

TURBOOST Spinning Turbo Keychain, also called as Turbine or Turbocharger Sleeve Bearing Keychain, is Hot Sale Automotive Car Part Keychain.

Spinning Turbo Keychain, beautiful colors, multiple colors for your choosing.

Our products are high quality and newest design. Especially for the car fans, man gifts, don’t miss it!
A full 3D model cast of metal alloy composed of four primary pieces just like a real turbo (backplate, impeller, sleeve bear, and house).
It includes one-piece backplate bolted to the compressor in five places, with strong chain, smooth shaft and impeller held in with C-Clip
Multiple polishing, Superb plating process, Smooth surface Zinc alloy has good hardness and wear resistance, can avoiding being rusty or faded when exposed in the air.

Blow from the inlet, the impeller will spin. Good structure and process that allows it to withstand extreme speeds. The spinning rate will be about 5,000-10,000 RPMS. With strong enough power, it may spin with wind breaking sound.

My Customer is testing the product.